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Pañales de Bebé en Bala
Product Code
- Origin
Unit Size Package Construction Usability Availability
BD 9- US 3rd
36 balas/cont
Mezclado- 2-5
5-10% 2
Bala Tela/ Velcro 10-20% residuos
15-20% reparable
BD 10- Algeria 2nd
12.9 dpr/lb
200-320 lbs/envoltura
2 envolturas /palleta
Variable 2-5
Tomaño marcado
Cmprssd Bolsa/Envoltura Tela/ Expndble Velcro 1-2% residuos
10-20% reparable
BD 15- Training Pants
10 pcs/lb
110 lb/envoltura
25,000 lbs/cont
Tomaño/respaldo marcado
Cmprssd Bolsa/Envoltura Similar a Tela 10% residous
10-15% reparable
* Weight of bales is a normal average weight for that Item number, and may vary from bale to bale.

** The usable percentage can vary from shipment to shipment, and by how thorough the sorting and fixing process is. The above range of usability includes those diapers that need no adjusting or fixing, plus those which a work room would add tabs to or etc. . . These numbers are the feedback from prior user experiences and are provided to give you their guidelines on the percentage of diaper usability.

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